Guest Series Spotlight – Truthunedited

Truthunedited has a series of videos on Occult symbols and the meanings behind them. I definitely found the videos educational; they give a person something to think about. My intent is to educate visitors on how prolific and common occult objects have become. We, as a society, have become numb to many of the devil's wiles. I always urge folks to do their own research. The views, thoughts, and opinions presented do not necessarily reflect Bound No More Ministry's position. Part 1 - All-Seeing Eye and Horned-Hand Part 2 - OK sign, Inverted Cross, and Peace sign Part 3 - Pentagram and Star of David Part 4 - The Baphomet

Rev. LJ

I am a Christian Minister who specializes in Biblical-centered Demonology and function primarily in a deliverance-type position as an exorcist for Southern Maryland, DC, and Central Virginia. 30+ years experience dealing with what is now called "the paranormal". I am married and have two amazing children. Retired Coast Guard member with maritime law enforcement experience, have education in Biblical Studies, hold an M.B.A. in Project Management from Norwich University, have diplomas in counseling and psychology, and was an EMT/Firefighter in the local communities where I was stationed.

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