How We can Help

Deliverance-Exorcism†-Spiritual Liberation

By any name, the outcome is the same. It’s the removal of negative energy/dark forces from one’s home, property or self.

This includes:

  • Witchcraft, Satanic & blood oath curse removal
  • Generational-ancestral curse neutralization
  • Spirit banishment
  • Ouija board, ghost hunting and spirit attachment elimination
  • Haunted house/property cleansing/property exorcism

Spiritual Growth & Empowerment

Empower yourself, your church, club or paranormal group with seminars led by a minister working in the exorcist field.  Get working, applicable knowledge for real-life situations.  Learn how to protect yourself and loved ones.  More importantly, learn how to rise above negative spiritual influence and enjoy a more abundant life.

  • Christ’s Great Commission
  • Is it supernatural or preternatural?  What’s the difference?
  • Spiritual evaluation

– Exorcisms are a very private, solemn gathering. None are videotaped, otherwise recorded, or witnessed by those who do not have a need to be there. They are, preferably, performed in a sacred place (i.e. church, chapel), away from the public to dissuade curiosity, and away from unnecessary distractions. Not only can these events be physically dangerous, the mere fascination and curiosity of onlookers could very well open them up to demonic attachments and possession. That is why I always ask participants to ready themselves by prayer (and fasting if necessary), seek forgiveness of sin, and pray constantly during the occasion. The demonic will likely reveal things about persons that would embarrass, humiliate, etc in an attempt to distract people from the proceedings and their faith. This is why it is important to receive absolution for sins prior to attending. 


For paranormal and preternatural investigations, please contact us at:

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