I am a Christian Minister who specializes in Biblical-centered Demonology and serve as an exorcist for Southern Maryland, DC, and Central Virginia. I started dealing with, and learning about, the ‘supernatural’ starting 40 years ago. When I was 7, I started experiencing demon oppression. Seeing Angels and Demons until I was about 23 was common – that is when I was finally set free from demonic oppression. From early on, I have studied scripture, read and studied many books on demonology-type topics, and steadily learned how to take authority over evil and be a vessel to help set people free.

Despite the personal experiences and being a witness to ‘happenings’, I have a very skeptical stance to folks calling things demon-caused. I study, observe, look for natural causes, require doctor-examinations, and systematically investigate all claims to supernatural experiences.

Prayer, being consulted, home-blessing, and people-blessings/cleansings have never hurt anyone; so I’m not opposed to doing any of those things at any time.

I am married and have two amazing children. Retired Coast Guard member with maritime law enforcement experience. Schooling includes Biblical Studies, hold an M.B.A. in Project Management from Norwich University, have diplomas in counseling and psychology. Because i am an adrenaline junkie, I was an EMT/Firefighter in the local communities where I was stationed. I am ordained as a Minister by Open Ministry, which allows me to have a full-time job and be a Reverend at the same time. That way I can be in the midst of real people all the time and be available should anyone need help. Dealing with the paranormal may not be my full time job; however, being a follower of Christ is a way of life.

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The icon picture of the apple is taken from the under-valued TV show “Fringe”.

“Man is The Seed of Chaos” – Principia Discordia [3:14]

The Fringe Apple glyph has human embryos instead of seeds. Apples were given out as clues on the Fringe Scavenger Hunt. The apple is a symbol for Discordia (chaos). So the symbolic approach to this picture is that man is born into chaos. However, it may be a reference to Adam and Eve; the two children, and the apple from which they took the bites.

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