Prayer of the Optina Elders to Not Accept the Seal of the Antichrist

O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, protect us from the seduction of the imminent coming of the hateful Antichrist, and deliver us from all his intrigues. Protect us and all Orthodox Christians from his insidious traps in this our hermitage of Thy salvation, and grant, O Lord, that our fear of the devil be not greater than our fear of God, that we may not fall away from Thee and from Thy Holy Church. Rather, grant that we may suffer and die for Thy Holy Name and for the Orthodox Faith, and not renounce Thee and accept the seal of the cursed Antichrist and worship him. O Lord, grant us to weep and shed tears day and night for our sins, and have mercy on us at Thy Dread Tribunal. Amen.

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