An Expanded Word of Salvation to a Spiritual Child; Hieromonk Joshua +

“Oh yes. My Orthodox Christian Faith is fully integrated into every aspect of my life by my Holy Baptism – except my own sin, my own grevious sin. Am I perfect yet? An absolute NOPE to that question!

I am, my friend, definitly not perfect but our Holy Orthodox Faith is. Cling with all your fiber as a believing human being, as I pray I do, to the Holy Orthodox Faith no matter the price! And through a life of self-offering in this Holy Orthodox Church of Christ I hope to hear the Lord Jesus say to you and to me and billions of other immortal souls: ‘Welcome into My Kingdom My good and faithful servant!’

As long as we are in this arena of contest we must ‘engage in productive toil’ (Philippians 1:22). All of us must embrace a life of repentance and self-offering as ‘productive toil’ for the Kingdom within and the Kingdom yet to come: COME LORD JESUS!

Orthodox Christianity has no fault at all, for its part, in MY sin when I choose sin. On the contrary, my faith in Christ in His Holy Orthodoxy is the entire tool the Holy Spirit uses to deminish, subdue and obliterate my sin! Daily asceticism, the Divine Liturgy, the services, the almsgiving, the prayer, the Sacred Scripture reading, etc. . . . is the way we participate in a dynamic synergy in the Holy Spirit so God and man, in dignity and nobility together, can definitivly subdues sin and death – TOGETHER. There is forgivness and liberation from sin in Holy Orthodoxy with absolute certainty . . . if humility and the other virtues are but allowed to be operative in synergy WITH the Holy Spirit.

Human freedom is a truly deep mystery as is the choice for human bondage (sin) that degrades our God-given human dignity and nobility even from the conception and entertaining of sin and its first ugly, twisted, contorted and toxic arousing in our conscience . . . if it even gets this pronounced an activation and decisive choice. Some sin is reflexive, if you will, by habit and long-term repetition.

As you can easily see my friend, Liberals and Progressives indulge IN THEMSELVES by choosing sin in their uncritically selected and irrationally chosen psychosis and delusion. And for this kind to say they are ‘Orthodox Christian’ is equivalent to saying their human depth is only skin deep – scratch the surface and you exhaust their ‘Orthodox Christianity’ in only one superfacial tiney scratch.

Humanity is indeed topical for Liberals and Progressives. This kind cannot be Orthodox Christian because Holy Orthodoxy is about human freedom and liberation from sin of which Liberals and Progressives choose contrary and often violently fight against human freedom and liberation from sin as their Maoist compatriots have done and do.

I find that it is always the somewhat normal well-adjusted hard working patriotic American families that keep things going in this country – in spite of the Liberals and Progressives spending normal families tax dollars (on abortion, indoctrination of young people in our so-called public ‘education system,’ etc.) with abandon for the buying into demonic slavery their future weakminded fellow ideologues and coconspiritors. I guess normal people must out of charity take care of the mentally and spiritually ill of which the Liberals and the Progressives are the most pronounced.

God prosper and deepen honest to goodness Holy Orthodoxy in North America! God bless the good hardworking Orthodox Americans and those other good people not against the Holy Faith amongst us + God keep this set of countries in North America above water and from drowning in Liberal and Progressive psychosis, drug addiction, peversion aplenty, delusion and demonic CHAOS.

Let it be known that there are no Liberals or Progressives in Haiti – family and individual survival is paramount. Let it be known that Orthodox families must not only have natural survival skills but the holy and righteous composit of Orthodox spiritual survival skills oh so very NECESSARY for the salvation of our FAMILIES immortal souls! Love enough to share Holy Orthodoxy.

Friends, if there was a catastrophe in North America and this emergency demanded immediate attention and this sad event causes great hardship and terrible human suffering you can bet that the normal well-adjusted American and the actual practicing Orthodox Christian would cooperate and survive through resilience but the Liberal and Progressive et al would committ suicide en mass, be hypochondriacs with a vengeance, cry hysterically and constantly, toxicly whine and complain, be utterly disfunctional and be immovable and unable to contribute to the common good . . . and this kind would need normal people to change their diapers also. Take away their source of indoctrination – media propaganda, TV, radio, movies, public education, etc. and their COMFORTS THEN Liberals and Progressives decompensate into a lump of pure catatonic nothingness. When one does not know how to think critically one does not know how to survive in the world.

Propaganda is the ‘opioid of the masses’ infected with Liberalism and Progressivism. Take away the constant propaganda and they can’t exist without that fix of delusion – they get confused and drift in belief. Furthermore, parasites by twisted nature always need a host – one does away with the host one does away with the parasite. Liberalism and Progressivism is by definition parasitic. To DESTROY these two evil ideologies conclusively the Church absolutely must convert the harbingers of parasites to objective health in Christ Jesus the Divine Physician and the full truth of the Holy Gospels is the only parasiticide that is conclusive.

Liberals and Progressives clearly personify a delusional cursing of logic and the authentic good and in a tragedy they would be so disfunctional, obnoxious, selfish and incapable of functioning with others that they would kill us for our food – or cannibalize us – instead of working in synergy with us and other people of good will.

In fact it is impossible for Liberals and Progressives to have good will – one has to have freedom to choose the good, just, the beautiful and righteous so as to have the develop and grow the virtues which in composite is known as good will. Liberals and Progressives want irrational control and spiteful domination over others but once they lose control and domination they lose all faith in ‘god’ who is none other than themselves – their preeminent idol. These types are what the Holy Bible calls ‘lovers of self’ (2 Timothy 3:2). This kind does not enter the Kingdom of Heaven as Saint Paul teaches.

Beware! You have been warned! No Orthodox Christian can be a Marxist, a Socialist, a Faschist, a Liberal, a Nazi, a Communist, a BLM/ANTIFA thug, a Progressive, a Democrat or any other Ideological devil worshiper! If ‘drunks do not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven’ (1 Corinthians 6:10) likewise Liberals and Progressives do not enter the Kingdom of Heaven because they are first and foremost ‘lovers of self’ and they sin against the First Commandment through idolitry of self.”


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