A note about exorcisms

As a respected mentor once said, “One exorcism brings us closer to God and fills our lives with more spirituality than many retreats. One exorcism will teach us more about the devil and his machinations than can be learned from many books.” – Rev. Fr. Dominic Szymanski.

I cannot tell you how true this is. A word of caution: This is one reason why one cannot simply read about spiritual warfare and watch a couple YouTube videos and be effective as an exorcist.

Another word of caution: Disagree with me if you must, but if a person cannot habitually live in a state of grace, that person should not undertake an exorcism. I’m not saying they be a saint worthy of cannonization, or even close to it. If your heart is not submitted to Christ, you are in immediate danger of being possessed suring an exorcism. Sure, it may free the other individual from the torment, but your soul will be in mortal danger. Your ONLY protection against satan is Christ, despite the many opinions out there.

Be careful my friends.

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