A War Against Grace: Legislating Morality

This is a subject that has been aggravating me for quite a while now. I’m sure you all have had a number of conversations about it as well. It’s like the world is putting itself in God’s position and writing its own Book of the Law. Something deep down in us, our core nature, knows that there must be a ruling moral authority to guide us, one that we will serve. I promise, we WILL serve something – that ‘something’ or ‘someONE’ is up to us.

Now, to my point… Trying to legislate morality does not work. God spoke to Moses and gave him the ever famous Ten Commandments and all that. This was the very first attempt to establish rules that were to regulate our behavior. Come to find out centuries later, the whole purpose in establishing all of the rules in the Old Testament was to show people that it was impossible to follow the rules that were established! #Jesus 🙂 Since God deals with the whole-person (physical and spiritual), the result of disobeying the law was a spiritual death – an eternal separation from the Father. The Lord was instrumental in establishing practices whereby people could atone for their disobedience and receive forgiveness. #ReadTheOldTestamentIfYouWantToLearnMore

Thank heavens that there is a fallback plan for those who believe in, and follow the God of the Bible. Christ has brought Grace to those who will follow Him. Those hundreds of rules in the Old Testament are there if you so chose to follow them…or try or follow them. But if you live by the Law, you will die by the Law. If you choose to follow Christ and His commands, there are only TWO commands – love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength; and the second, love your neighbor as yourself. Once you have been forgiven after accepting Christ’s ultimate sacrifice, by dying for the world’s sins, thats it! They are FORGOTTEN. Period. God doesn’t bring up your distant past to hold it over your head during a situation. He forgives and moves on. Interestingly enough, by following His Spiritual laws, we naturally follow Physical (civil) laws.

The secular world parallels this whole thing to a degree – the secular world meaning the world of people operating independent of the world that acknowledges a God. Pretty much all of us INSTINCTIVELY know that there has to be a moral code in order to have a civil society – one that is safe, respectful, fair, etc. (By the way, that is everything that God intended to do in the beginning; but I digress…) Disobeying civil laws results in civil (physical world) consequences – fines, community service, jail, etc.

There is a “salvation” plan for those under worldly law that have broken those laws – the judicial system. Once found guilty, the ‘judge’ determines the penance/sacrifice necessary to atone for the disobedience. Once the penance is satisfied, you are forgiven….well, mostly….sometimes….kinda. Your ‘sins’ under worldly law tend to linger even after you’ve paid the price. We do reap what we sow. It’s all very Old Testament, isn’t it?!

You see the comparison between the two, right? The ruler of this world is setting himself up as the supreme god. He is using the visible systems of this world to blind, influence, program, and subjugate those folks who aren’t knowingly paying attention to spiritual side of things.

For those who look at Christianity, they only see that, “there are a lot of rules to follow!” Satan would make you believe that being a follower of Christ is far too burdensome; so chances are, you’d end up going to hell anyway. Who in the world could even hope to keep to, even, a fraction of all those laws! What’s the point?! Right!? But, as what was said above, what most folks don’t realize is that there are only two commands – these two sum up the ENTIRE Book of the Law. The key is Love. Not of SELF, but of God and others.

Let’s pray that the Holy Spirit will teach us the depth of Christ’s commandments and may we be changed each and every day to focus more of others and less on ourselves.

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