Apparitions – Add this BBC series to your queue!

I have to tell you, I was incredibly surprised at how accurate this series is. It is about a priest and his life in the ministry of exorcism. Its true that cases such as what he encounters are rare, they happen. BBC did an EXCELLENT job when researching and writing the script. Though some theology is added that are not accepted throughout the Church, and some things purely to exaggerate the sensational aspect; the core of it is true to life.

IMDb review – Apparitions

**A couple words of caution… Use discernment and always compare things to scripture. Secondly, this is NOT a show that children should watch. The show deals with some very complex spiritual and natural issues. Or, one could say preternatural and worldly issues.

The devil IS out to destroy God, His children, and this world. One of the most accurate portrayals in the show is how the demons will talk to you…how they twist truth, how they try to get you to believe what they say, how utterly convincing they can be… This is why exorcists are so strict in following the Rituals guidelines and why one should NEVER entertain or banter with the demonic. Folks, they are utterly devoid of any kind of compassion or mercy. The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy…they DO NOT and NEVER WILL care about you or have your best interest at heart. NEVER. Be on guard, and resist at all costs if you do not want to end up like them.

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