So much to do, yet so little time!

Good evening all. Ever since I started playing catch-up with the 21st century and the whole social media thing, I have been kicking myself for not posting enough. There are SO MANY THINGS, SO MANY TOPICS that I really want to cover. However, I haven’t figured out how to add an extra 12 hours to each day.

Here’s what I propose for now – PLEASE let me know what you would like to hear/learn/read more about. It might actually help me focus a little and make better use of my time. What I need is a webmaster and editor. I can start talking at the speed of sound, throwing all sorts of ideas into the air – many of which become unintelligible because I start a new topic right in the middle of explaining one.

I think I’m just anxious to say what I have to say and never have all the time I want to work on it. So, with your help, we can build a great resource for all of those who struggle in this spiritual battle of ours. It can be one consolidated resource that folks can go to when they need help.

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