Continued Facebook issues

Well, y’all… yet again, Facebook has disabled my page – again! Over and over, for some unknown reason that company keeps kicking me off their platform. The kicker – THEY WON’T EVEN TELL ME WHY! This time my page made it a whole 2 days!

I do not spam folks, or publish political nonsense, or pretend to be someone I am not… nothing that would violate their precious Community Guidelines.
Maybe they don’t like deliverance ministries. That is the only parameter outside the norm that was recently introduced. I have never thought it practical to have a page. I have been too busy or distracted to maintain one.

I am completely stumped. As scripture tells me though, “My grace is sufficient” no matter what comes my way.

It would be interesting to hear from you all. I just don’t have any idea what I could be doing wrong.

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