Stay Tuned!

I will be posting some videos and messages that focus on the ‘supernatural’. Look, this topic is so diluted and polluted in the world today. Every time you flip through one of the network channels, some yahoo is claiming to be the “foremost expert” in the field of parapsychology and the supernatural. Or some fool is taunting/provoking ‘ghosts’. Or they are channeling grandma and giving the living a message from beyond. Most are recording EVP’s, using Ouija boards, performing rituals, asking witches to cleanse a home…. I’m sure you could name at least two tv shows right now.

I will never claim to be an expert in the field. What I am, though, is a student of Christian doctrine and that of Demonology; been doing that for over three decades now. All I want to do is pass on my knowledge based on first hand experiences, research, eyewitness accounts, mentor experiences, and historical documents (just to name a few). I’m not here to force you to believe anything. I have done more than just study this stuff – I live it daily. If you knew me, you’d find out that I am one of the biggest skeptics out there. I demand empirical proof; rather annoying really. But I don’t want to be dooped into believing something that will separate me from Almighty God. I only hope you feel the same way. Like the motto of this blog says, “Blindly following can be a dangerous thing”.

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