Catching up with the times…

Good day everyone. I am finally catching up with the digital age I suppose. For the longest time I had no desire to have an online presence, mainly because one cannot truly minister to folks who are demon oppressed, etc., through the Internet…its kind of a hands-on, face-to-face thing.

When it comes to the educational aspects though, it may be a different matter. Granted, every ghost hunter, Demonologist, and paranormal investigator has a website. And many seem to know what they are talking about. What I’m trying to say is that there is already a vast amount of information online for people to read and be able to educate themselves. So why would anything I have to say be heard over all the noise. I am just one little tree in an ancient forest.

What I hope for, and believe, is that our gracious Heavenly Father will bring some of you here to read what I have discovered to be truth for me.

“What is truth” are the words uttered by Pontius Pilate in response to Jesus. Exactly. What IS Truth? Dont we all search for that in one way or another? This search is what drives people to the occult by the droves! Spirit Boards, Talking Boards…Ouija boards…are one of the most popular instruments used to gain knowledge of the unknown. We HAVE to know things, don’t we?! These boards seem to give us an immediate, tangible answer to burning questions. We don’t have to wait, or keenly and quietly listen, wanting God to answer us…or the spirits, higher power, whomever you are serving. In opening ourselves up to whatever unseen force is moving that planchet, we willingly invite that entity into a relationship. Whether you want to believe that or not, you ARE purposely trying to gain information through direct communication with another being, thereby laying the foundation of a continual communion between the two of you. You can’t tell me that it’ll only happen once. The moment that entity gives you an intelligent answer, you’ll be hooked. You’ll instinctively keep trying to get more answers even when away from the board. Its our nature. It’s the undying quest for Truth, Knowledge, Revelation…

Now that you’ve become best-ies with Casper, this is where things inevitably start to go horribly wrong. It quickly becomes a one sided relationship, and you’re no longer the one controlling things. The freaky thing is, whatever you’re chatting with starts to manifest physically! Then it gets violent resulting in actual scratches, choking, awful smells, doors slamming, you got the picture. So now what?!?! What the bleep am I going to do now!?? So you burn the board, maybe call a ‘psychic’ or ‘medium’ to cleanse the house. Days or weeks later, it all starts back up again. You get used to it, you start to be mentally influenced by it, gradually moving toward full-on involvement, namely, ‘possession’. Months or years could have passed before one finally clues in to, oh, idk, calling a priest! This is where you need to start in the first place…but I digress. It is at this point in which my first meeting happens with clients! So much damage has been caused by now. And, as an Exorcist, it is very had to assess the true situation in person let alone over email or text!

Not everyone experiences true possession despite popular <hollywood> belief. 1 in 5000 will truly be possessed. But many will certainly be oppressed and affected by demonic activity. Thorough investigations and examinations are critical to finding out what is going on. And aleays with a critical eye, leaning toward the skeptical. Sometimes medical science is what would nest benefit the person. But never would I dismiss any experience that the person goes through. Psychological and diabolical problems can be so similar that it would take both specialists to treat the individual just to be sure! To that end, demons can very well cause or be the cause of psychological and medical issues; and I hesitate to say, rarely the other way around – they do feed off pain and suffering.

Let me stop there for now. It may take a bit to make it a habit to post things, but I will get there. For now, I work best when in-person. Don’t let that atop you from reaching out to me if you have spiritual needs! We can at least pray together over the phone if nothing else.

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