LOCKDOWN Special Guest Lecture Series – Fr. Seraphim

These past several months have proven to be trying for many. Those introverts out there may not be quite as affected as those who crave human interaction. I, myself, quite enjoy the solitude – but sometimes a person just has to get out!

I found Fr. Seraphim’s YouTube videos by chance…while in a “show-hole”. So far, every short talk has hit me in very unexpected ways – and that is a good thing. Christ our God uses this man, I have no doubt. His words echo in my head constantly, reminding me of where my focus ought to be. Love it.

I picked a few of his videos and posted them here. There are so many more…on a wide range of topics. These ones are under his playlist, “Under Lockdown”. I felt it fitting about now; this whole thing is wearing many people very, very thin. Instead of succumbing to any kind of madness, take a few minutes and listen to what this man of God has to say. Thank you.

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